December 15, 2017

Gift Wrapping Paper Made from Brown Paper Scraps

Are you amazed that this is already my second blog post in two weeks? Me too. It must be some kind of a Christmas miracle. 😀

I haven't bought gift wrapping paper in a long time. Instead, I predominantly buy brown paper by the roll and add some embellishments, pretty ribbons and/or tags. I like the look of this paper and it works great in combination with all kinds of colors. Besides, it's a bit sturdier than most gift wrapping papers.

Last week I was wrapping some gifts and thought I had enough brown paper. You know where this is going. I had three more packages to wrap when I ran out of paper. I didn't have the time to get a new roll because the package had to be taken to the post office the next morning. What does a girl do when she runs out of gift wrapping paper? Exactly! She sews some leftover scraps together to create some sheets.

When I had reached the necessary paper sizes, I sewed on small scraps with stamped trees. My next idea didn't work out so well. I wanted to use my sewing machine to add some silver stars but even though I used a special needle for metallic threads, the thread broke.

I ended up stitching the holes by machine without thread and then running the thread through by hand. That was a bit more labor-intensive than I had planned but I didn't want to give up on the idea. I like how the paper turned out.

Imagine how much wrapping paper could be made out of all the scraps that we normally throw into the garbage! Even paper scraps in different colors and with different patterns could become pretty, patchwork-style, one of a kind gift wrapping paper.

Have you wrapped your gifts already?

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December 08, 2017

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Two of my favorite people to make gifts for are my SIL and hubby's niece. They both like things that are made with love and they're always excited to open my packages. It makes me happy to make them happy. For a couple of years now, my SIL has a vase with some branches in her kitchen that she decorates according to the season. I gladly granted her requests for little fabric fish, Easter eggs, and Christmas ornaments. Each year, I try to come up with some new pieces to add to the collection. For last year's Christmas I had made glass glitter stars, fabric baubles and 3-d book page trees.

This year I sewed, respectively knitted tiny leather mittens and scarves. Just when I had finished those wintry accessories, my friend Michelle over at A Crafty Mix posted a DIY for the cutest little washboard ornaments. I commented that it would be great for the washboards to have some tiny clothes to keep them company. While I wasn't able to make some of the adorable washboards because I can't print anything at the moment, the thought of tiny clothes kept floating around in my head. I decided to sew a set of sweaters.

Old T-Shirt upcycled into Christmas sweater ornament by Vintage with Laces

I recycled a part of an old T-Shirt that I had recently sorted out. I added embroidery lining and double sided fusible interfacing between the fronts and the backs. The sweaters are 2" (5 cm) high. In the pictures the color is not accurately displayed. The sweaters are more teal colored in real life, matching my SIL's kitchen décor.

Old T-Shirt upcycled into Christmas sweater ornaments by Vintage with Laces

Small Christmas mitten ornament made out of leather scraps by Vintage with Laces

The mittens are about the same size as the sweaters. They're made out of leather scraps I received from a tailor may years ago. I thought it would be easy to stitch the mittens by machine but it wasn't because I didn't have a leather needle in my stash. I made several attempts but my machine kept skipping stitches and the thread broke numerous times. I solved the problem by removing the spool and the bobbin and just piercing the leather by machine. Hand stitching through the holes took a bit of time but was easy to do then.

Small Knitted Scarf Christmas Ornament by Vintage with Laces

It's a long time ago that I knitted something but it was quite fun to make five of these little scarves. It certainly helped that all five of them were finished so much faster than one in a regular size.😀

Have you made any ornaments this year for yourself or to give away?

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October 19, 2017

Roy Al Flush - The Gambler with a Heart of Dice

Thank you very much for your kind words on our loss of Gracie, Pixie and Smokey, and the wishes for Cosmo's recovery. Thankfully, he's doing very well. He gained a lot of weight and grew quite a bit over the last three weeks. Cosmo is a very sweet boy and we're so happy that he survived.

I haven't created anything lately but I have a few new friends waiting for some months now to make their appearance here. Today you are going to meet Roy Al Flush. He's a gambler with a heart of dice. Literally. However, he does not only like dice games but he's also an avid poker player and from time to time you can find him playing a round of Dominoes or Tri-Ominos as well.

Found Object Sculpture. The Gambler Roy Al Flush by Vintage with Laces

Roy Al Flush holds a winning hand right now and is about to go all in. Who wouldn't with a royal flush? If you're not familiar with poker, this is the best hand you can get and it's not the first time he's so lucky. Now you know why everybody calls him Roy Al Flush. He is a famous player and is feared among his competition for his great tactical play and his luck.

Found Object Sculpture. The Gambler Roy Al Flush by Vintage with Laces

His head and body are made from tins that I roasted in a charcoal barbecue fire after we had finished grilling. The nose once was a foot of an alarm-clock and his mouth was a strap adjuster. For his arms I repurposed two tiny graters that came as an extra with some nutmegs. His hair is made from a piece of fine wire mesh, pinched in between the tin's bottom and lid. After the mesh was fixed, I pulled the cross wires.

Found Object Sculpture. The Gambler Roy Al Flush by Vintage with Laces

Found Object Sculpture. The Gambler Roy Al Flush by Vintage with Laces

I made his hands from vintage Christmas candle holders and buttons. The cards are from a German mini card deck and measure only 1" x 1 3/8".

You probably know the phrase "lucky at cards, unlucky in love". So far that had been true for this little gambler. He's actually quite charming and dated frequently but he never met the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. It's not that he's too demanding but all the girls he got to know where too pretentious for his taste and often just interested in his money. Then he met Sewphie Zipperbutton. Yes, her sweet personality is right along his alley and she fancies him too. For his reliability, his humor, and a bit for his good looks as well. Don't you think they make a cute couple?

By the way, Sewphie was featured in the May issue of the Australian magazine "Homespun".

Found Object Sculpture Sophie Zipperbutton by Vintage with Laces featured in Homespun May 2017

Found Object Sculpture Sophie Zipperbutton by Vintage with Laces featured in Homespun May 2017

Australian Magazine Homespun May 2017

Thank you, Homespun for the lovely feature! I was very excited to see my sewing gal along with such a lovely description in print .😊

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